Rhodes University Health Suite

Rhodes University Health Suite


The Health Suite is comprised of four sections: Weights Facility (main gym), Group Fitness, Indoor Cycling and Personal Training. We have an additional section that runs through all sections called Exercise Smart.

The Weights Facility or main gym has all the cardio equipment as well as free weights that you would expect to find in a gym facility.

Indoor Cycling is group exercise classes where an instructor coaches you while you are riding on stationary bikes. This is a great cardio workout and there are varying intensities. A great option for those intimidated to train by themselves. There are five classes each weekday and two over the weekends. The class times are 06:15am, 13:00, 16:00, 17:00 and 18:00. On weekends the classes are at 16:00. All Health Suite times change over holidays and during exam times.

Group Exercise offers a variety of different classes varying from year to year depending on instructor availability. Class types range from Step, Taebo, Xtrain, yoga, pilates, Butt & Gutt to other exciting group workouts. There are five classes a day on weekdays and two classes over weekends. The timetables change from year to year depending on class attendance and members needs.

The Personal Training section is composed of qualified personal trainers most of whom are third year HKE students and above. Personal Trainers deal directly with their clients and pay them for each session.

Exercise Smart is an initiative which works towards ensuring that all members are training correctly. We have Exercise Smart coaches who assist members in the main gym during peak times and they also offer free body assessments. We also get different specialists to come and talk about health and fitness issues.

Health Suite

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 Health Suite Sign-Up dates poster

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5h00-9h00/ 12h00-14h00 and 16h00-20h00 (Friday, 16h00-19h00)