Rhodes University Institute for Water Research Postgraduate Programmes

Rhodes University Institute for Water Research Postgraduate Programmes


The IWR offers postgraduate research degrees (MSc and PhD) in Hydrology and Water Resource Science within the Faculty of Science at Rhodes University.

The IWR also offers an Honours course in Environmental Water Management in collaboration with the Department of Geography.

Applications to study towards these degrees should be made through the Faculty of Science.

The Honours course is hosted within the Geography Department, and applications for Honours need to reflect this.

Current Students

Mr Bongile Bhomela PhD (Water Resource Science)
Mr Dennis Choruma PhD (Water Resource Science)
Ms Pumza Dubula PhD (Water Resource Science)
Mr Augustine Edegbene PhD (Water Resource Science)
Mr Adebayo Farounbi PhD (Water Resource Science)
Mr Zwidofhelangani Lidzhegu PhD (Water Resource Science)
Ms Pindiwe Ntloko PhD (Water Resource Science)
Ms Asanda Chili MSc (Water Resource Science)
Mr William Liversage-Quinlan MSc (Water Resource Science)
Mr Siyabongu Ndlovu MSc (Water Resource Science)
Ms Primrose Ramukhuvhathi MSc (Water Resource Science)
Mr Sinetemba Xoxo MSc (Water Resource Sciences)
Mr Anthony Fry MSc (Sustainability Science)

2019 Graduated Students

Mr Matthew Weaver PhD (Water Resource Science)
Ms Notiswa Libala PhD (Water Resource Science)
Ms Mateboho Ralekhetla PhD (Water Resource Science)
Ms Margaret Wolff MEd
Mr Frank Akamagwuna MSc (Water Resource Science)
Ms Qawekazi Mkabile MSc (Water Resource Science
Ms Caitlin Smith MSc (Hydrology)
Mr Kyle Smetherham MSc (Hydrology)


Mr Emmanuel Vellemu PhD (Water Resource Science)
Mr Onalenna Gwate PhD (Hydrology)
Ms Tia Keighley MSc (Water Resource Science)
Ms Ntombekhaya Mgaba MSc (Water Resource Science)
Mr Gareth Thomson MSc (Water Resource Science)
Ms Vuyelwa Mvandaba MSc (Hydrology)
Ms Nadia Oosthuizen MSc (Hydrology)
Mr Mzwanele Mkatali BSc (Hons)
Ms Sinako Mtakati BSc (Hons)
Ms Caleena de Carvalho BSc (Hons)

Past Students

Emmanuel Captain Vellemu PhD (Water Resource Science)
The ecological risk of acid mine drainage in a salinising landscape
Dr Alexandra Holland (PhD) (Water Resource Science)
Assessment of fluctuating asymmetry as an indicator of water quality stress in South Africa
Mr Garth Barnes MEd (Environmental Education)
An exploration of the way in which values and valuing processes might strengthen social learning in water stewardship practices in South Africa
Ms Louise Bryson MSc (Water Resource Science)
An erosion and sediment delivery model for semi-arid catchments
Ms Jane Burt PhD (Environmental Education)
Dr Jai Clifford-Holmes PhD (Water Resource Science)
Fire and water: A transdisciplinary investigation of water governance in the lower Sundays River valley, South Africa
Dr Ahmed Desai PhD (Water Resource Science)
Development of a hydraulic sub-model as part of a desktop environmental flow assessment method
Dr Helen Fox PhD (Water Resource Science)
Social-ecological resilience for well-being: A Critical Realist case study of Boksburg Lake, South Africa
Dr Pearl Gola PhD (Water Resource Science)
The value of locally isolated freshwater micro-algae in toxicity testing for water resource management in South Africa
Dr Andrew Gordon PhD (Water Resource Science)
Assessing the effect of a laundry detergent ingredient (LAS) on organisms of a rural South African river
Mr Haden Jacobs MSc (Hydrology)
Dr Evison Kapangaziwiri PhD (Hydrology)
Regional application of the Pitman monthly rainfall-runoff model in southern Africa incorporating uncertainty
Mr Sbongiseni Mazibuko MSc (Hydrology)
Mr Felike Mekiso MSc (Hydrology)
Hydrological processes, chemical variability, and multiple isotopes tracing of water flow paths in the Kudumela wetland-Limpopo province, South Africa
Dr Paul Mensah PhD (Water Resource Science)
Environmental water quality management of glyphosate-based herbicides in South Africa
Dr Thabiso Mohobane PhD (Hydrology)
Water resources availability in the Caledon River basin: Past, present and future
Mr Matthew Muller MSc (Water Resource Science)
Linking institutional and ecological provisions for wastewater treatment discharge in a rural municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Dr Nelson Odume PhD (Water Resource Science)
An evaluation of macroinvertebrate-based biomonitoring and ecotoxicological assessments of deteriorating environmental water quality in the Swartkops River, South Africa
Dr Boluwaji Onabolu PhD (Water Resource Science)
Evaluating the post-implementation effectiveness of selected household water treatment technologies in rural Kenya
Mr Hugo Retief MSc (Water Resource Science)
Investigating integrated catchment management using a simple water quantity and quality model: A case study of the Crocodile River Catchment, South Africa
Ms Asiphe Sahula MSc (Water Resource Science)
Exploring the development of an integrated, participative, water quality management process for the Crocodile River catchment, focusing on the sugar industry
Dr Andrew Slaughter PhD (Water Resource Science)
Modelling the relationship between flow and water quality in South African rivers.
Dr Jane Tanner PhD (Hydrology)
Understanding and modelling of surface and groundwater interactions.
Dr Sithabile Tirivarombo PhD (Hydrology)
Climate variability and climate change in water resources management of the Zambezi River basin
Dr Raphael Tshimanga PhD (Hydrology)
Hydrological uncertainty analysis and scenario-based streamflow modelling for the Congo River basin
Dr Madaka Tumbo PhD (Hydrology); based at Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique
Uncertainties in modelling hydrological responses in gauged and ungauged sub-basins
Dr Agostinho Vilanculos PhD (Hydrology)
The use of hydrological information to improve flood management – integrated hydrological modelling of the Zambezi River basin
Mr Bret Whiteley MSc (Hydrology)
Mr Bonga Zuma MSc (Water Resource Science)
Microbial ecology of the Buffalo River in response to water quality changes
Yvonne Chiliboyi
MSc (Water Resource Science)
Athina Copteros
PhD (Geography)
Ms Alex Holland
PhD (Water Resource Science)
Thabiso Mohobane
PhD (Hydrology)
Teboho Mosuoe
PhD Anthropology
Ian Preston
Masters in Commerce Management (Water)
Mr DCH (Hugo) Retief
MSc (Water Resource Science)
Asiphe Sahula
MSc (Water Resource Science)
Gareth Thomson
MSc (Water Resource Science)