Rhodes University Water Research Institute

Rhodes University Water Research Institute

Institute for Water Research

Incorporating the Unilever Centre for Environmental Water Quality (UCEWQ)

Grahamstown – South Africa

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The objectives of the IWR are to contribute to the knowledge of and promote the understanding and wise use of natural water resources in southern Africa.

These objectives are achieved in a number of ways:

You can read our latest Annual Report
You can read our brief IWR Brochure

For information on Grahamstown and South African  water resources and what you can do, please see the RU Environment page.

IWR Plastic Policy Statement

The Institute for Water Research supports calls for an end to the  use of single-use plastic water bottles except in emergency  situations. The environmental and health consequences of the  manufacture, transportation, use and disposal of these bottles are  well documented. The Institute does not supply single-use plastic  water bottles for meetings, alumni events, conferences, etc. and  requires catering suppliers to comply with this. Both staff and  students are encouraged to make use of multi- use water bottles.

Information on single use plastic can be obtained by following the link to the
Makana Plastic Action Group https://www.facebook.com/MakanaPlasticAction/