Rhodes University Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management

Rhodes University Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management


Fast-tracking media career

The PDMM is a one-year full-time programme designed to provide people working in the media industry with skills and knowledge they need to perform more effectively in their organisations and to fast-track their careers to management positions.

The PDMM is equivalent to an honours degree and combines rigorous theoretical and practical grounding. The diploma is composed of eight compulsory modules covering media economics and financial management; media markets, audiences and advertising; managing media content; managing circulation and distribution; media management and leadership; media management contexts, policy and institutions; new media and convergence; and human resources.

Application details and procedures

Candidates from Southern Africa are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Applicants should ideally come from media companies which are currently using or experimenting with new media, besides their traditional business platforms. Successful applicants will be required to conduct research into the use of new media platforms by a Rhodes University-owned newspaper, the Grocott’s Mail. Applicants should ideally have completed an undergraduate degree from a recognised university. Experienced media practitioners with diplomas in journalism or mass communication studies will also be considered.

Application requirements:

  • Complete the Rhodes University’s standard honours form. Alternatively, they can request these application forms from SPI, telephone no: +27 (0) 466038851.
  • Submit a detailed Curriculum Vitae, including contact details
  • Submit a certified academic transcript; and
  • Submit a 1000-word letter of motivation, which explains why the student is interested in doing the PDMM and how the PDMM will assist the candidate’s career.

Enquiries can be made to spi@ru.ac.za or visit the SPI website: http://www.ru.ac.za/spi/

Deadline for applications is 30 November. No late applications will be considered.