The Room to Read Room to Grow Girls Scholarship

By | February 12, 2019

The Room to Read Room to Grow Girls Scholarship

The Room to Grow Girls’ Scholarship Program has an immediate and direct impact on the lives of thousands of girls in the developing world.

An education provides security and support to girls who often grow up in very uncertain environments and empowers them to make informed life decisions.

A solid education beginning in the early years is the key ingredient for improved status for women, which provides a ripple of positive effects throughout society.

Room to Read makes a long-term commitment to each girl on scholarship: as long as she attends classes and receives passing grades, the program will continue to fund her education through the completion of secondary school.

This promise provides an incentive for her to do well in school and for the family to support her through the process.

Currently, the majority of supported scholarship students range in age from five to ten years.

Depending on the country and specific region the girls are in, the scholarship covers all the needs of a young girl, including:


  • Monthly school fees
  • School uniforms
  • Books, stationary, and backpacks
  • Female Room to Read staff member to oversee the program and mentor the girls
  • Additional tutoring as needed
  • Transportation (such as a bicycle or bus fare) for girls living far from school
  • Lunch money if the girls live too far from school to eat at home
  • Medical check-ups and expenses
  • Field trips and workshops.The scholarship program currently funds girls in South Africa and Zambia.

    For further details, and application materials, contact: The Room to Read Room to Grow Girls Scholarship

  • For more questions please E-mail:finance[at]

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