Mvestclean Production mananger

By | April 30, 2021

Mvestclean Production mananger


Production mananger

  • Fixed Term
  • Full Time
  • Company’s Discretion
  • Non EE/AA
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  • Production Manager Duty
  • The main role of a Production Manager is to oversee the manufacturing process within a company and to ensure that production lines run without any problems and minimum downtime. Working together with supervisors and top management, they also ensure that products are manufactured to a certain quality standard and adheres to other Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations.

Duties & Responsibilities


Some of the more general duties you can expect to do in this role:

  • Manage and support SHEQ initiatives and objectives.
  • Define, Propose and Implement the annual production.
  • Cost management of products and assist with new product costings models.
  • Analyse budgets and continuously control production costs and identify/rectify waste measures.
  • Manage all activities within the production process, including maintenance and the workforce.
  • Handle logistics, warehousing and stock of raw materials used in production.
  • Manage all teams within your production department.

Desired Experience & Qualification


  • Your career objective and achievements in production.
  • Showcase how you have improved processes and achieve targets.
  • Give a high-level view of your key skills, strengths and responsibilities.
  • Highlight key responsibilities in leading teams.
  • Show examples of your ability to successfully implement production strategies.
  • Your ability to build and maintain trust with clients and other employees.



  1. Diploma in Production, Operation or Similar
  2. Technical Qualification at N6+ or National Diploma
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  1. Key Skills
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in Management / Supervisory Role – Production
  • Ability to effectively run the production operations.
  • Ability to supervise operations in compliance with the approved production schedule.
  • Excellent knowledge of Products (Soap, Detergent etc.) and production thereof.
  • Co-ordinates with the sales function to facilitate production and operations based on the market demand.
  • Communicates the production goals and objectives to the Management Team.
  • Periodically updates and consults the Management on the status and production performance of each production line.
  • Excellent communication skills, diplomacy and tact.
  • Innovation and energy with a desire to drive others.
  • Commitment to people management.

Sound judgment with attention to detail


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Roma St, Cosmo Business Park 65, 2188 Johannesburg, South Africa

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