FinPlanCo Para-Planning Intern

By | March 25, 2021

FinPlanCo Para-Planning Intern


Para-Planning Intern

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Para-Planning Intern

FinPlanCo provides a professional financial planning service to the public. We provide our clients with a professional, systematic approach to financial planning, whether a client needs a single consultation or a fully integrated financial plan. We are proud to operate as independents where we can offer our clients unbiased and customised financial planning, advice and structuring. We take a conservative approach and aim to build long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust, professional aptitude, and service delivery.


The company’s Northcliff office requires an entry-level para-planner intern to join the team. The intern will spend at least twelve months as a client service administrator as part of in-service training. Once the intern is familiar with the company’s service offering and operating processes, and when the internal structures allow, the intern will start working exclusively with the company’s Directors assisting them in their duties as professional financial planners. This will provide ample training and experience to become a Para-panner and ultimately a Financial Planner. Due to the nature of the company’s client base, it would be advantageous if the candidate is fluent in both English and Afrikaans

During the first phase of employment the Para-planning Intern (PPI) will serve as a Client Service Administrator (CSA). This role forms part of the operations department and assists the financial planners and wealth managers with investment administration and execution of client instructions.

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Although this is a junior position the CSA is instrumental in servicing the client base of the financial services provider. It is a direct client service role which requires computer skills (especially Outlook, Excel, Internet), written and verbal communication skills with an excellent telephone manner.

The position is ideal for a recent B COMM graduate who is undertaking a financial planning honours or post-graduate diploma and whose career objective is to become a para-planner, a   financial planner or wealth manager in the long-term.

The duties of the CSA are broad. They include:

  • Execution of client instructions
  • Record keeping & filing (hard and soft copy)
  • Client and asset manager liaison
  • Preparation of meeting packs
  • Quarterly statements


After at least twelve months in the CSA role and once the company deems the candidate to be ready, he/she could be promoted to a para-planning training role. A para-planner is defined as a financial planner (FP) who either:

  • Has yet to build up enough experience to serve as a fully fledged financial planner, or
  • A qualified financial planner who functions in a supporting role to another planner.


In the role as PP the candidate will work directly under the company’s directors, who are skilled Professional Financial Planners. The PP will assist the FP to service his/her clients. The duties of the PPs will be split into two categories: client/planning administration and client/planning servicing. Both categories require an attention to detail, diligence, problem solving, detailed theoretical knowledge, understanding of financial planning, research skills, etc.


The PP will perform some of the duties of a CSA for the FP and will also be partially responsible for preparing, updating or creating financial plans as outlined by the FP. Financial plans need to be regularly updated and PPs help gather new information and provide the FPs with updated projections or client details. PPIs may also attend client meetings to take notes and follow up on administrative tasks.

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PPs must be well versed in financial planning practices and theory. They should have a good understanding of the services of the company and the greater financial planning environment.  A PP must have good interpersonal skills along with strong administrative skill.


The day-to-day duties will include:

  • The writing of investment reviews
  • Preparing client updates and plan revisions
  • Conducting of product and investment research
  • Administration of client investments and planning
  • Maintaining client records and files
  • Client communication and feedback
  • Writing simple financial plans and advice

A B COMM degree or similar NQF level 6 qualification is preferred with a background in Finance and exposure to the subject of Financial Planning. Computer literacy and fluency in English essential. Communication skills in Afrikaans would be advantageous.


Relevant experience or education within the following areas is essential:

  • Financial planning theory
  • Finance or accounting
  • Administration
  • Client communication
  • Investment and Economic environment
  • Financial planning regulatory environment
  • Attention to detail
  • Perform well under pressure
  • Problem Solving
  • Independent thinker/multi-tasker
  • Sound Interpersonal Skill


Fir Drive, Northcliff 12, 2195 Johannesburg, South Africa