The Wright Recruitment General Manager – Assurance for leading telecommunications company in CPT

By | March 30, 2021

The Wright Recruitment General Manager – Assurance for leading telecommunications company in CPT

The Wright Recruitment

General Manager – Assurance for leading telecommunications company in CPT

  • Permanent
  • Full Time
  • open and negotiable for right person
  • Non EE/AA
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leading telecoms company in CPT seeks the following

Duties & Responsibilities


General Manager – Assurance

OFO Code:







Current Job Holder:


Reporting to:


MANCO Member:


Position Type:


Profiled By:

Date of Profiling:




To manage Head of Departments, ensuring business objectives, targets and service levels are met. Works in close cooperation with COO.




Job Objectives (Maximum 8)


  • Overseeing departments
    • NOC/Support
    • Provisioning
    • Maintenance
    • Engineering
  • To manage and lead the team to deliver business objectives
  • Anticipate business requirements and adapt accordingly
  • Ensure all customer Service Level Agreements are measured and maintained
  • Produce management reports for the purposes of tracking productivity and performance
  • Maintain a highly skilled and motivated workforce
  • Define each department’s targets, benchmarks, and processes to meet required performance.
  • To maintain high levels of customer service and satisfaction.



    1. Level of Education

Level of tertiary education

Essential/ Desirable


3 Year degree / diploma Business Management or Similar

Customer Service Certification

Project Management Diploma

Engineering Degree / Diploma

Management Certification





    1. Professional Membership or Registration



    1. Job – Related Work Experience

Job – related work experience

7-10 years Fibre/Telco/ISP Environment

Customer Management Experience

Operations Management Experience

Call Centre/NOC/Support Experience

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    1. Job Knowledge

Knowledge of

Depth & Scope (B/I/A)



Knowledge of networks and technologies

5 years



Knowledge of Customer Service and Expectations

5 years



Knowledge of General business procedures, rules and processes

5 years



Knowledge of business objective and strategies

5 years



Knowledge of Team Policies and Procedures

5 years



Knowledge of operational problem-solving techniques

5 years



Knowledge of human resource principles and practices

5 years



Knowledge of project management principles and practices

5 years



Knowledge of CRM Processes

5 years




    1. Job Skills

Job Skills

Depth and Scope (B/I/A)



Assessing and implementing improved processes and new technologies and collaborating with management regarding the implementation of these improvements




Outstanding verbal and written skills, and experience working with staff on all levels




Solid presentation skills and ability to explain complex processes to an audience




Manage operations and processes within budget




Ability to enforce and maintain high standards, even under pressure




General and senior management skills




Administrative skills




Problem Management Skills




Strong Time management skills




Strategic and Analytical thinking




Operational reporting for analysis and decision making.




Strategic and Analytical thinking




Good Verbal & Written Communication skills




Conflict and dispute management




Able to work under pressure




Identify and resolve problems quickly




Attention to detail




Very good technical knowledge of IP and Telco networks




Strong Time management skills




Good Team player, Excellent inter-personal skills

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Financial Management




Management Diploma/Degree (MDP, MAP or similar, equivalent to NQF 6 or 7)




Project Management Certification (Prince2 or PMBOK)






    1. Tasks


Anticipating problems

Creating a roster or list of duties / activities

Creating schedules

Deciding work priorities

Defining objectives for an organisation or department

Developing strategy in a competitive situation

Ensuring that component parts fit into an overall design for a project

Formulating or adjusting policy for an organisation or department

Planning a course or route for a journey or voyage

Planning a logical sequence of events or tasks

Planning long term (strategic) objectives

Planning short term (task) objectives

Planning staffing levels or people resources for projects

Preparing a specification for a project

Revising plans to account for changed circumstances

Setting priorities for utilising resources

Setting up a financial budget

Implementing / Co-ordinating

Allocating duties to others

Allocating resources (people, materials, etc) among various jobs

Allocating resources in emergencies or unexpected situations

Arranging formal events

Ensuring the efficient co-ordination of activities

Initiating action in emergencies or unexpected situations

Organising resources to meet an objective

Setting up administrative systems

Controlling / Directing

Authorising actions

Controlling the use of non-people resources in meeting objectives

Controlling the use of people in meeting objectives

Directing action in emergencies or unexpected situations

Directing the implementation of agreed policy

Ensuring that legal requirements or other binding agreements are adhered to

Ensuring work is carried out within a pre-specified budget

Generating rules or regulations

Hurrying people along to expedite completion of a task

Laying down procedures for maintenance, safety or inspection

Laying down specifications for materials or components

Requiring work to be redone to meet specification or required standard

Undertaking when necessary the tasks of workers under one’s control

Reviewing / Evaluating

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Assessing the feasibility or practicality of an operation

Checking adherence to schedules

Evaluating alternative methods

Evaluating installation of complex systems or constructions

Evaluating numerical data concerning organisation or department activities

Evaluating the cost of a project or venture

Evaluating the practical feasibility of a project

Evaluating written reports on activities of an organisation or department

Identifying problems in a project design

Reviewing progress of a case or project

Reviewing systems, services or processes to assess current adequacy

Reviewing the efficiency of an operation

Reviewing to assess compliance with rules, laws, etc.


Appealing to people to increase their motivation

Arousing enthusiasm for a project

Creating a good team spirit

Emphasising the importance of reaching a work objective

Encouraging co-operation between team members

Encouraging slow learners and / or people with learning disabilities

Encouraging a faster rate of work

Gaining willing co-operation

Getting an individual to carry out an unappealing task

Motivating individuals through the use of threats or demands

Putting people at ease in anxiety provoking situations

Stimulating interest in activities

Sustaining interest of others in projects or continuing tasks

Understanding the personal needs or motives of others


Mentoring as per instruction of mid/senior-level managers

Feedback on Mentoring program and progress of mid/senior-level managers

Disciplining / Disputes / Grievances

Avoiding emotional involvement in disputes

Giving verbal warnings in order to correct behaviour

Maintaining discipline in a work environment

Pointing out poor standard of work

Reducing tension between people

Resolving disputes



Package & Remuneration