Department Of Trade Industry And Competition Vacancies 2023/2024

By | October 26, 2021

Department Of Trade Industry And Competition Vacancies 2023/2024

About the Department of Trade Industry and Competition

Department Of Trade Industry And Competition Vacancies | The Department of Trade Industry and Competition (the dtic) was established after the merger of the Department of Trade and Industry and the Economic Development Department.

Our Mandate


A dynamic industrial, globally competitive South African economy, characterised by meaningful economic transformation, inclusive growth and development, decent employment and equity, built on the full potential of all citizens.


the dtic’s Mission is to:

  • Promote structural transformation, towards a dynamic industrial and globally competitive economy
  • Provide a predictable, competitive, equitable and socially responsible environment, conducive to investment, trade and enterprise development
  • Broaden participation in the economy to strengthen economic development
  • Continually improve the skills and capabilities of the dtic to effectively deliver on its mandate and respond to the needs of South Africa’s economic citizens
  • Co-ordinate the contributions of government departments, state entities and civil society to affect economic development
  • Improve alignment between economic policies, plans of the state, its agencies, government’s political and economic objectives and mandate


the dtic’s Values are:

  • Promotes the Constitution, with special reference to the chapters on human rights, cooperative governance and public administration
  • It promotes decent work outcomes (more jobs as well as better jobs), industrialisation, equitable and inclusive growth and social inclusion
  • Operational excellence – service delivery standards, international best practice, Batho Pele Principles, continuous improvement and ethical conduct
  • Intellectual excellence – continuous shared learning, innovation, relevant knowledge and skills improvement and knowledge management
  • Quality relationships – improved and continuous communication, honesty, respect, integrity, transparency, professionalism, ownership, leadership and teamwork
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the dtic’s Programmes

Programme 1: Administration

Purpose: Provide strategic leadership, management and support services to the department

Programme 2: Trade Policy, Negotiations and Cooperation

Purpose: Build an equitable global trading system that facilitates development by strengthening trade and investment links with key economies and fostering African development, including regional and continental integration and development cooperation in line with the African Union Agenda 2063.

Programme 3: Spatial Industrial Development and Economic Transformation

Purpose: Drive economic transformation and increase participation in industrialisation.

Programme 4: Industrial Competitiveness and Growth

Purpose: Design and implement policies, strategies and programmes for the development of manufacturing and related economic sectors, and contribute to the direct and indirect creation of decent jobs, value addition and competitiveness, in both domestic and export markets.

Programme 5: Consumer and Corporate Regulation

Purpose: Develop and implement coherent, predictable and transparent regulatory solutions that facilitate easy access to redress and efficient regulation for economic citizens.

Programme 6: Industrial Financing

Purpose: Stimulate and facilitate the development of sustainable and competitive enterprises, through the efficient provision of effective and accessible incentive measures that support national priorities.

Programme 7: Export Development, Promotion and Outward Investments

Purpose: Increase export capacity and support direct investment flows, through targeted strategies, and an effectively managed network of foreign trade offices.

Programme 8: Inward Investment Attraction, Facilitation and Aftercare

Purpose: Support foreign direct investment flows and promote domestic investment by providing a one-stop-shop for investment promotion, investor facilitation and aftercare support for investors.

Programme 9: Competition Policy and Economic Planning

Purpose: Develop and roll out policy interventions that promote competition issues, through effective economic planning, spatial implementation and aligned investment and development policy tools.

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Programme 10: Economic Research and Coordination

Purpose: Design and oversee socio-economic research, assess policy options and engage stakeholders to facilitate inclusive economic growth.

19/10/2021 IC&G-088 Director: Primary Minerals Processing & Construction Primary Minerals Processing and Construction Pretoria , GP, ZA 05 October 2021


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