Rhodes University Chinese Department About Us

Rhodes University Chinese Department About Us

About CIRU

President Hu Jun of JNU met with the visiting
guests from Rhodes University, Prof. Peter
Clayton, DVC, and Prof Marius Vermaak,
Director of CIRU and Dean: International

As of 2009, Rhodes University’s School of Languages offers a three-year credit-bearing course in Chinese. Previously only Stellenbosch and UNISA offered Chinese in South Africa.

This general practical language course is designed for students whose mother tongue is not Chinese. Chinese Studies is a three year major course at Rhodes University with an honours course soon the be introduced.

The purpose of the course is to provide an opportunity for learners to acquire some basic communicative skills in Chinese with an awareness of and preliminary understanding of the cultural aspects of Chinese. This includes the acquisition of some aspects of a basic repertoire of Chinese characters in terms of their uses in everyday spoken and written situations, with a view to their cultural context of communication in Chinese.

Students who have successfully completed the course will be able to understand and speak Chinese in a number of everyday situations and will know a basic set of Chinese characters.

The course comprises five interactive lectures and one tutorial session per week.

Scholarships for intensive short courses in China will be available for students who perform well in this course.


This programme is sponsored by Hanban, Rhodes University, and Jinan University: