Rhodes University Bed Honours

Rhodes University Bed Honours

Our department recognizes the importance of providing post-graduate courses for educators which facilitate an engagement with important educational issues in South Africa today. The Bachelor of Education (Honours) degree – BEd(Hons) – has critical engagement with as its central goal.

The BEd(Hons) is the first degree after initial teacher qualification, and the Rhodes BEd(Hons) is a general postgraduate degree which prepares students for research-based postgraduate studies in education. Its aim is to consolidate and deepen students’ knowledge of education, and to develop their ability to research educational contexts using appropriate methodologies and techniques. The qualification demands a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual independence, and results in an NQF Level 8 exit qualification. It provides a pathway to a Master’s in Education (MEd).

About the Course

The BEd Honors is a part-time qualification with tuition over two years. A new course is started every year, with one in Makhanda, formerly Grahamstown, and one in Okahandja, Namibia. Students attend five week-long teaching sessions each year and are expected to complete assignments between each session. Attendance at all sessions and submission of all assignments is compulsory.

In addition to a General Bachelor in Education degree with electives in the second year of study, Rhodes is accredited to offer the following specialist degree options. In any given year these specialisms depend on viable class size and staff availability.

Bilingual Education, Diversity & Access

Curriculum Studies

Educational Leadership & Management

General Education

Geography Education

ICT Technology Education

Mathematics Education

Primary Education

Science Education

An Honours in English Language Teaching may be on offer in 2020. Please enquire if you are interested in either of these options.

The flyer at the link below contains information about the current course which you may find useful.

BEd Honours Flyer

Programme Structure: Part Time

Year 1 comprises two courses. In the first course, students examine contemporary issues and related ideas in education, from philosophical, psychological and sociological perspectives. The second course introduces students to the fundamentals of educational research.

Year 2 comprises the specialism OR electives. This year’s study deepens students’ theoretical understanding in their chosen field and they undertake a research project under supervision.

In the General Education programme, Year 2 comprises two electives. Options, depending on staff availability and class size,  include:
Adult Education and Training
Bilingual Education
Education Leadership and Management
English Language Teaching
Environment and Sustainability Education
ICT in Education
Maths Education
Primary Education
Science Education

In both years, students are supported by an academic literacies programme which enhances their ability to read and write academic genres at an Honours level.

2020 session dates:

Attendance is compulsory at the 25 days per year of intensive tutor – student contact sessions, as well as the exam dates. As far as possible, the dates of the five contact sessions are scheduled during school holidays to minimize disruption to students’ work commitments. Applicants should ensure that their employers are supportive of their study plans, and should also be prepared to arrange and fund their own accommodation during contact sessions.

Proposed 2020 dates:

Session 1:       25 – 31 January (starts with a 2-day Academic Orientation)

Session 2:       23 – 27 March

Session 3:        11 – 15 May

Session 4:       21 – 26 June

Session 5:        21 – 25 September

Examinations:  18 – 23 October

Estimated costs and payments 2020

The 2019 tuition fees for part-time students is R21 000 per annum. The fees for 2020 are only finalised later in the year, and there will be an inflation-linked increase. In addition, there will be a departmental fee of approximately R1 900 in the first year and R1 000 in the second year to cover course-related expenses.

Entry Requirements

Guidelines and Check List for all BEd Honours Applications (2019-20)

Application Procedure