Halfway Group Transformation Specialist

By | March 30, 2021

Halfway Group Transformation Specialist

Halfway Group

Transformation Specialist

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Halfway Group Holdings is looking to employ a Tranformation Specialist who will be responsible for the strategic steering and management of Employment Equity and BBBEE for the group. Ensuring complinace to applicable legislation, Codes of Good Practise and alignment to the organisational strategic goals.


Duties & Responsibilities

Responsible for the strategic direction and control of the employment equity and BBBEE functionality.

Undertakes research, develops, amends and implements policies and procedures in line with the Employment Equity Act and the Codes of Good Practice.

Drives and coordinates the compilation and submission process of EEA 2 and EEA 4 reports.

Facilitate and coordinate the compilation of the Analysis (EEA 12) and facilitates and coordinates the drafting, implementation and monitoring of the EE Plan (EEA 13).

Establish and maintain EE Committees

Plan and design HR initiatives to support the Company’s strategic objectives and close out Barriers. Advance the transformation agenda through development, recruitment and selection to boost BBBEE ratings, ensuring a representative workforce, actioning Affirmative Action measures, focus on designated groups and eliminating unfair discrimination.

Work in conjunction with HR, OD and Learning and Development to facilitate the implementation of various initiatives that drive development and transformation.

Working knowledge of scorecard elements and the ability to interpret all available codes.

Develop and implement written strategies to improve BBBEE status.

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Monitoring, document collation and file preparation for the verification process.

Identify any gaps, risks or issues and the impact thereof in terms of losing points, dropping a level on B-BBEE scorecard and the probability of being a non-compliant B-BBEE contributor.

Highlight available and feasible opportunities to obtain lost and/or additional points which will improve score and overall B-BBEE level if these opportunities were to be pursued.

Monitor progress on implementation of strategy, whether the required targets are being met with Verification Preparation which includes liaising with selected B-BBEE Verification Agency prior to B-BBEE Verification to ensure that the data and evidence file(s) which will be submitted, meet their requirements.

Maximize all the scorecard elements.

B-BBEE Verification support which includes liaising with B-BBEE Verification Agency during the B-BBEE Verification, assisting with the onsite B-BBEE verification, the issuing of Preliminary and/or Final B-BBEE Certificate and, if needs be, appealing through the appeals process.

Desired Experience & Qualification

Relevant 3-year tertiary qualification i.e. (Degree or Diploma)

Valid motor vehicle driver’s license

5 Years HR related experience of which 3 years should be in Employment Equity and BBBEE

Sound knowledge of applicable legislation and Codes of Good Practice

Knowledge of BBBEE New Codes and compliance on generic scorecard

Package & Remuneration

Market related.


Only apply if you meet the requirements.


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